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Snowmobile signs

Below are signs you may encounter while you are out riding. Be sure to understand what they mean and follow the laws.

White sign with black text that reads "Trail closed to wheeled motor vehicles ahead"

Placed on state or federal land prior to the point a designated state snowmobile trail enters private property where wheeled motorized vehicle use is prohibited.

Yellow sign with black arrow pointing to the right that comes off a black vertical line

Notice of changes in horizontal trail alignment less than 90-degrees where an intersection occurs within or immediately adjacent to a turn.

Green diamond-shaped sign

Signifies local snowmobile routes within a community.

Red outlined circle with red diagonal slash on top of a black snowmobile graphic

Identifies areas where snowmobiling is not allowed.

Yellow rectangular sign with black text that reads "X number miles ahead"

May be installed below “Private Drives Ahead” signs to indicate how many miles long the stretch of trail with private drives runs.

Yellow rectangular signs with black thick diagonal lines

Identifies an obstruction on or at the side of the trail. The stripes slope down towards the trail.

Yellow rectangular sign with black arrow pointing to the right

Notice of changes in horizontal trail alignment of 90-degrees or more.

Yellow diagonal sign with black text that reads "Private drives ahead"

 Used to warn trail users where driveways cross a snowmobile trail.

Yellow circle sign with black X in the middle and R and R text signifying railroad crossing ahead

 A railroad crossing is ahead.

Blue sign with white snowmobile and the word snowmobiles in white text below, with white sign with black text below that saying "permitted on right-of-way or shoulder of all X county roads"

The county allows operation in the right-of-ways or on the shoulders of county roads (does not apply to state or federal highways marked with “M” or “US”)

White rectangular sign with black text that reads "Stay on trail"

Reminds riders to stay on the designated trail.

Red octagon-shaped sign with the word STOP in white text

Bring your snowmobile to a complete stop before proceeding with caution.

Yellow diamond-shaped sign with red octagon below a black arrow pointing up

Notice of a stop sign ahead.

An orange diamond shaped sign with black numbers indicating official snowmobile trail and trail number

Lets the rider know which specific trail they are using.

Yellow diamond-shaped sign with black arrow that goes up then turns left

Signifies a sharp turn ahead.

Red triangle sign with white triangle inside and red text that reads "YIELD"

Yield the right-of-way to vehicles traveling on the other trail.