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Rules and regulations

Snowmobile regulations handbook

handbook of Michigan snowmobile regulations

A handbook defining Michigan snowmobile laws and regulations, safety information, vehicle operation, riding instructions and more.

Snowmobile Handbook Snowmobile Handbook (plain text)

Popular topics (information is included in handbook)

A youth rides a snowmobile - preview only

Age requirements and safety certificate

Learn the age requirements for operating a snowmobile and who needs a snowmobile safety certificate.

An orange trail confidence sign with text 160 in black


View common snowmobile signs that you may encounter on trails or other riding areas, and learn what they mean.

Additional rules (not in handbook)

Group rides

Groups whose activities meet certain criteria need to fill out an event use permit application. Find out if your group ride/event requires a land use permit.

Modified ORVs

If a motorized vehicle is originally manufactured as an ORV, it's considered an ORV (despite any modifications).

Each snowmobile manufactured after July 1, 1977 shall be equipped with a muffler that does not exceed 78 decibels of sound pressure at 50 feet as measured by the 1974 SAEJ-192a.

Each snowmobile manufactured after July 1, 1980 and sold or offered for sale in this state, shall be equipped with a muffler that does not exceed 88 decibels as measured using the 2004 society of automotive engineers standard J2567.

State snowmobile laws

Read the set of laws surrounding snowmobiles in Michigan as stated in the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act of 1994.