List Information

  • Michigan Liquor Control Commission Application Status Check
  • Active or Escrowed License Query

    This query feature offers information about active and escrowed licenses, including on and off premises retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers.  The search will show the lienses and permits a business holds, its violation history, its insurance carrier for liquor liability insurance, and its spirit purchase totals.

  • Listing of Active, Conditional, and Escrowed Licenses Excel icon

    Excel data containing data on all current active, conditional, and escrowed licenses sorted by county, local governmental unit, and Business ID.  The data on this website is updated weekly, but please note that as licenses transfer and new licenses are issued, the data is constantly changing and may not represent the current status of licenses.  This list does not include listings of Salesperson, Vendor Representative, Broker, or Special Licenses.

  • Local Governmental Unit / County Quota Search

    The Local Government Unit (LGU) Quota Search shows how many quota licenses are allowed, issued, and allocated in a city, village, or township based on the LGU's population.  If the LGU is listed as "dry", the sale of spirits for on premises consumption is prohibited. In addition, a number of local units of government have not approved the sale of beer, wine, or spirits: in Allegan County - Fillmore Township and Overisel Township; in Gratiot County - Washington Township; and in Ottawa County - Olive Township and Zeeland Township.

  • Sunday Sales Opt Out List PDF icon

    Local governmental units that have opted out of Sunday sales of alcohol, includes cities, villages, townships, and counties.

  • Social Districts Established by Local Governmental Units PDF icon

    List of localities that have established a Social District pursuant to MCL 436.1551.

  • Local Governmental Unit / Law Enforcement Approval Chart PDF icon

    Local government or law enforcement approvals needed for certain kinds of retail license and permit applications.

  • Special License Issuance Reports
  • Special License Pending Application Search

    A listing of pending Special License applications that have been received, but have not yet been set up in the system to be viewed online, plus a link to the Application Status Check website to search applications that have been inputted into the system.

  • County Number List PDF icon
  • 2020 Limited Permanent Outdoor Service Permission List Excel icon

    This list contains the names and addresses of licensees that have been issued a 2020 Limited Outdoor Service Permission by the Liquor Control Commission.  Outdoor service areas approved under this permission are valid only until October 31, 2020 in order to accomodate licensees that would like additional outdoor service space to comply with social distancing and reduced capacity requirements related to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation.  The list is sorted by county and local governmental unit.