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    BCHS Guidance

    Nurse Aide Renewal Delays

    Prometric has notified LARA that they are experiencing delays in processing nurse aide renewal applications.  These delays may extend past the expiration date even though the candidate sent their renewal paperwork in before the expiration date.  As LARA works with Prometric to address this issue, we encourage anyone that has sent in their paperwork and has not been renewed to contact Prometric to determine if their documentation was received. Overnighting or express mailing is not experiencing delays and may assist to ensure that Prometric receives the documentation timely.


    Any candidate certified nurse aide that has documentation that they mailed their renewal paperwork in before their expiration date may continue to work as a nurse aide until their certificate is renewed. Once renewed by Prometric, the start date will be the day after it expired. Keep all documentation until your certificate is renewed.


    We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.  Thank you.



    In accordance with CMS guidance, and while the national Public Health Emergency is in effect, a nursing home may:


    • Hire an individual that has not completed a state-approved training program if the nursing home ensures the individual is able to demonstrate competency in skills and techniques necessary to care for residents’ needs, as identified through resident assessments and described in the plan of care, and the nursing home has documented that the individual is competent to provide nursing related services.


    • Continue to employ an individual that has successfully completed a state-approved nurse aide training program, but not successfully passed examination, can continue to work past the 4-month regulatory requirement.


    Only individuals that have successfully completed a state-approved training program and examination are considered nurse aides and placed on the nurse aide registry.  Individuals not on the nurse aide registry should not be titled as nurse aides in accordance with state law.


    The department encourages individuals above to complete a state-approved training program and test as soon as possible prior to any expiration of the national Public Health Emergency.


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