BPL Updates Due to COVID 19

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    COVID-19 - Changes and Updates

    Due to COVID-19 and as a way to keep our customers and employees safe, our office buildings are not open to the public at this time.  However, to stay connected with the public and make sure that we continue to provide customer service, please note the following:

    • Given the high volume of calls, we encourage our customers to email your questions and/or concerns at BPLHelp@michigan.gov for efficient and timely assistance.
    • To send documents and follow-up information, please email to BPLData@michigan.gov versus sending through US Postal mail for faster service.
    • To file a complaint against a licensee, please send your complaint to BPL-Complaints@michigan.gov, register online and submit through our online MiPLUS program and select “File a Complaint” below for further instructions and assistance.  Again, submitting electronically will be received faster than if the complaint is sent by fax or through US Postal mail.
    • For disciplinary matters please submit documentation or make inquiries related to disciplinary actions to BPL-Monitoring@michigan.gov.

    Information about COVID-19 is changing rapidly.  To stay informed, please visit www.Michigan.gov/Coronavirus and www.CDC.gov/Coronavirus.

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