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Exemption from renewal fees and continuing education requirements while mobilized on active duty

Notwithstanding any provision in this act to the contrary, an individual or qualifying officer who is a licensee under this act and who is on active duty in the armed forces is temporarily exempt from any renewal license fee, continuing education requirements, or other related requirements of this act applicable to that license. It is the obligation of the licensee to inform the department by written or electronic mail of the desire to exercise the temporary exemption under this subsection. If the licensee applying for the temporary exemption is the individual responsible for supervision and oversight of licensed activities, the licensee shall provide notice of arrangements for adequate provision of that supervision and oversight to the department. The licensee shall accompany the request with proof, as determined by the department, to verify the mobilized duty status. If it receives a request for a temporary exemption under this subsection, the department shall make a determination of the requestor's status and grant the temporary exemption after verification of active duty status under this subsection. A temporary exemption is valid until 90 days after the licensee's release from the active duty on which the exemption was based, but shall not exceed 36 months from the date of expiration of the license.


MCL 339.5411