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Notice Regarding Temporary Cars, Permit Finals, & Permit Failures Changes

In an effort to provide consistent service to our customers, the Elevator Division will be making changes as related to Temporary Cars, Permit Finals, and Permit Failures. Please see below for a description of those changes.


Effective March 15, 2019, if an inspector finds a device has failed to meet inspection requirements for a permit final, it may be eligible for a Temporary Car. An Incomplete Final will be recorded by the inspector for the Final which will result in the appropriate fees being assessed. The inspector may then perform a Temporary Car Inspection which will also have the appropriate and corresponding fees assessed. It is the expectation of the Division that the Temporary Car Request letter will be sent into the office from the Contractor within 24-hours or the unit will be sealed out of service.

Effective June 1, 2019, the Division will implement an Automatic Failure policy on Permit Final Inspections that do not meet the minimum requirements below. If any one of the below violations are found at the time of the scheduled inspection, the inspector will inform the journeyperson that the device is considered an automatic fail which will also result in the appropriate denial and reinspection fees being assessed. If a device is considered to be an automatic failure, a Temporary Car will not be authorized and the inspector will immediately end the inspection and leave the premises with no further inspection or review taking place. A violation will be sent to the Contractor stating Automatic Failure and the item(s) that resulted in those circumstances. After an Automatic Failure, once the device is considered complete by the Contractor and is ready for a re-inspection, the inspector should again be contacted to schedule a new date and time.

List of Reasons of Automatic Failure:

  1. Copy of the permit not onsite
  2. Weights not onsite
  3. Testing tools not onsite (gauges, etc.)
  4. Fire Service not complete and working (if applicable)
  5. Phone not complete and working (if applicable)
  6. Machine room not complete
  7. Wet pit
  8. Elevator lobby(ies) not complete
  9. Sump pump not operating properly and/or installation of non-accepted oil/water separator and alarm system (if applicable)
  10. Journeyperson’s licenses not valid and/or expired