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Notice to Manufacturers and Installers of Elevating Devices and Components of Elevating Devices

To apply for a product acknowledgement for an elevating device for use in the State of Michigan, a letter requesting acknowledgement is required. The letter must be from the manufacturer and on their company letterhead. It must include the model number, functional description and be signed by a professional engineer in the employ of the manufacturer.

The letter must certify the device, if installed in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, will be compliant with all applicable Codes and Rules. Please be aware current Michigan Elevator Rules have exempted or amended several sections of the ASME and ANSI Elevator Code Sections.


Email letters to:


Upon receipt and review of the request for product acknowledgement, the Elevator and Ski/Amusement Division will issue a conditional acknowledgement letter to the manufacturer of the elevating device or component as long as all requirements are met.

Installers supplied with an elevating device or component subject to this acknowledgement process must be provided with a copy of the acknowledgement letter by the manufacturer. The installer must then submit a copy of the acknowledgement letter with the elevating device or component installation permit application. Please note, failure to supply this letter can delay permit approval or result in a permit being denied.

Final approval and acknowledgement of a product will rely upon a compliant final inspection with State of Michigan elevator inspectors.