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Permitting and Licensing Requirements for Residential Stairway Chairlifts and Residential Platform Lifts

2015 Public Acts 34 & 35 amend 1976 PA 333 and 1967 PA 227.

In summary, these amendments allow a person other than a licensed elevator journeyperson to install Residential Stairway Chairlifts and Residential Platform lifts without an elevator installation permit if they:

  • Are certified to install, construct, repair, alter or maintain the device by the manufacturer.
  • Carry the mandated liability insurance.
  • Obtain all required permits (electrical, building) from the authority having jurisdiction.
  • The device must be installed in compliance with the state construction code and ASME A18.1.

The devices these individuals can install are limited to:

  • Platform lifts with a capacity of 750 lbs. or less.
  • Platform lifts with a vertical travel of no greater than 6 feet.
  • The device cannot be operated by means of hydraulic propulsion.
  • The device cannot penetrate more than 1 floor.
  • The device cannot have a full passenger enclosure.
  • All devices must be ASME A18.1 compliant.

2015 PA-0035 Sec. 14a. (3) states:

“(3) A permit from the department under section 15(1) is not required to alter or install a residential stairway chairlift or residential platform lift.”

As permits are no longer required with this change, the Elevator Division will issue installation permits to licensed elevator contractors with the understanding that the required final acceptance inspection will be considered special services.  The inspection will be billed at the special services fee of $100 per hour for travel time to and from the location and inspection time.