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Annual Inspections - Top 10 Violations

Following are the Top 10 mobile home park violations frequently cited during an annual inspection:

1. Abandoned/unsecured homes or cars with open windows/doors/trunks

2. Unsecured electrical panels with doors opened or holes in frame 

3. Uncapped sewer pipes or water crocks

4. Gas lines not locked off

5. Exposed electrical wires and/or conduits

6. Trash/Debris around park (in the form of garbage/rubbish, tree limbs/stumps or leaf bags)

7. Dumpsters not located on cement pad, extending 2-feet in all directions from dumpster

8. Inadequate drainage (in the form of insufficient street pitch or insufficient/blocked street drains, flooding around homes/in yards)

9. Unsafe playground/community equipment

10. Unsafe roads (sample: potholes, incomplete repairs or road closures, or any other issue preventing the safe passage of vehicles)