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Request for Annual Delegation of School Plan Review & Inspection Authority

Pursuant to the Construction of School Buildings Act, 1937 PA 306, school districts may elect to have a plan review of school construction projects as well as inspections conducted by local building departments. For this to happen, both the school district and the unit of government(s) must complete, sign, and submit the application requesting annual delegation to the Bureau’s Administrative Services Division. Completion of this application certifies that full-time code officials, inspectors, and plan reviewers registered under the Skilled Trades Regulation Act, 2016 PA 407, will conduct plan reviews and inspections of buildings.

This certification must be submitted and approved annually. Only those governmental jurisdictions which document full-time inspectors and plan reviewers to enforce the complete range of construction codes, which includes the building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing codes, may qualify for delegation of school construction authority.

Absent approval of the completed application requesting annual delegation from a school district and local building department, the State of Michigan, Bureau of Construction Codes has responsibility for construction code enforcement of school buildings within that unit of government.

Request for Annual Delegation of School Plan Review and Inspection Authority to a Local Unit of Government

The Local School Construction Enforcement List is a listing of those local code enforcement agencies, in conjunction with the local school board, that have received approval to locally enforce school construction within a particular school and/or school district.

Questions should be directed to the Administrative Services Division at 517-241-9303 or by email at