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Plan Review Information

Plan Examination 
The purpose of a plan review is to assure the construction project is designed in compliance with the code. If there are issues of noncompliance, they may be addressed during the review process. This saves the applicant time and money as it is more economical to make revisions prior to the start of construction.

Who may submit? 
Construction documents may be submitted by the owner or the owner's architect, engineer, contractor, or agent. The construction statutes or codes do not fix the responsibility for the submission of construction documents. However, the owner of the construction project has the responsibility to assure that it is done.

Is a plan review necessary? 
Plans are required for all building types, except:

  • When repair work is determined by the building official to be of a minor nature.
  • When utility structures are 200 square feet or less relative to one- and two-family dwellings.
  • When commercial utility structures are 120 square feet or less.

  • When the electrical system rating does not exceed 400 amps and the building is not over 3,500 square feet in area.

  • When the total building heating/cooling system input rating is 375,000 Btu's or less for one- and two-family dwellings (See Note).
  • When alterations and repair work is determined by the mechanical official to be of a minor nature (See Note). 
  • For business, mercantile, and storage buildings having HVAC equipment only, with one fire area and not more than 3,500 square feet (See Note). 
  • When work completed by a governmental subdivision or state agency costs less than $15,000.00 (See Note). 
    • NOTE: the above outlined exceptions to plan review requirements DO NOT apply to mechanical projects at K-12 schools or facilities licensed by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency.

  • When one- and two-family dwellings contain not more than 3,500 square feet of building area.
  • When alterations and repair work determined by the plumbing official to be of a minor nature.
  • When assembly, business, mercantile and storage buildings with a required plumbing fixture count less than 12.
  • When work completed by a governmental subdivision or state agency costs less than $15,000.00.

Description of Work
The plan review submission shall give a complete description of the work to be performed. This shall include the location, the occupancy of all parts of the buildings or structures, and the open space on the lot. Any special inspection requirements in accordance with the Michigan Building Code, Section 1705 of the building code shall be identified.

Site Plan
The site plan shall provide the location and size of all buildings on the lot. The roads and access points and open spaces shall be shown and dimensioned.

Construction Documents
The construction documents shall indicate the size, shape, and height of all features of the buildings and structures of the project. Specific information shall be given to establish the quality and requirements of the construction for compliance with the code. The information may be submitted in any combination of written and graphic material. The codes shall not be cited, or the term "legal" or similar shall not be used in place of specific information. All construction documents shall be sealed and signed by an architect or professional engineer licensed in Michigan in accordance with 1980 PA 299, as amended.

  • A residence building not exceeding 3,500 square feet in calculated floor area.
  • Public work for which the contemplated expenditure for the completed project is less than $15,000.00.

Engineering Detail
Structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work shall include adequate detail including computation, stress diagrams and other essential technical data.

How to Submit

Plan reviews can be submitted expeditiously online at: For reviews submitted online, the applicant can also check status at:

Reviews can also be submitted by mail or in-person at our Lansing Office. Submittals to the Bureau's construction code plan review program must include the applicable completed application (listed below), fee and two (2) complete sets of construction documents sealed and signed in accordance with 1980 PA 299.


Application for School Building Projects and Plan Examination

A plan review application must be submitted to the appropriate enforcing agency. Therefore, prior to applying for a plan review, it is suggested the applicant review the Statewide Jurisdiction List or for school projects, the Local School Construction Enforcement List. This information is updated regularly due to changes in code enforcement that may be conducted by either the state, county or local unit of government or due to school delegation authority.

Once the plan review is completed, the total charges will be calculated and any amount due will be billed to the applicant. When the project is approved and all fees paid, an approval letter and one (1) complete set of approved construction documents will be returned to the applicant. These documents are to be placed on the project site and made available for examination by the code inspectors.

Questions should be directed to the Bureau's construction code plan review program at 517-241-9313.