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AFC Advisory Council

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The Adult Foster Care Licensing Advisory Council, as established by Public Act 218 of 1979, and known as the Council, shall establish and hereafter abide by the following rules:

  1. All meetings will be conducted according to the Roberts Rules of Order.
  2. All meetings shall consist of a quorum of no less than a majority of the appointed officers and members. While attending in person is preferred, members may attend up to one meeting a calendar year via teleconference. Members attending via interactive conference call or electronic means will be considered in attendance and eligible to vote.
  3. The Council, by majority voice vote or ballot, shall elect a Chairperson and Vice­ Chairperson to serve for 2 years in February of election year or the next regular meeting following February if no meeting is held in February and each officer's term shall begin on the date of election and end when duly replaced by a regularly conducted election. The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson should not represent the same constituency on the Council.
  4. The Council will consider a Council member to have voluntarily resigned from his/her appointment on the Council if he/she is absent three (3) consecutive regular meetings.
  5. Notices of meetings, minutes of the prior meeting, and proposed agenda shall be sent to each Council member, in writing at least 30 days prior to the meeting.
  6. All minutes must be approved by a majority vote of the Council at the next meeting. The minutes shall include all motions and seconds duly submitted by any member or members. The roll call of officers and members shall be included when necessary.
  7. Agenda items may be subject to addition or deletion by a majority vote of members present at the indicated meeting. A representative of the Department may offer advice on the proposed agenda or submit any additions or deletions orally at the indicated meeting. With the majority approval of members present, the Chairperson shall add or delete agenda items as the pleasure of the members indicates.
  8. It shall be the policy of the Council that a personal representative of a duly appointed Council member can serve as a personal representative, but shall not be extended voting privileges or other privileges as provided to Council members. A voting proxy for a specific meeting may only be given to another member of the Council when the Department has been contacted before the meeting, or when a member has to leave the meeting early.
  9. The Council may establish committees and request public participation on workgroups as the Council deems necessary. The Council may also adopt, reject, or modify any recommendations proposed by a committee or a workgroup.
  10. Bylaws will be reviewed and accepted bi-annually by the Council.
  11. The rules of the Council may be amended by a reading of the proposed amendment at one meeting and a favorable vote of two thirds of the Council members at the following regular meeting.

Amended by the Adult Foster Care Licensing Advisory Council on August 7, 2019.

Adult Foster Care Licensing Advisory Council