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Resident Rights

The Residents Rights for both Family Homes and Group Homes explain a resident's rights while living in an Adult Foster Care Home. These rights must be read to each resident and a copy of the rights offered to each resident at or before admission to a facility.

Resident Rights for AFC Family Homes

Resident Rights for AFC Group Homes

Homes for the Aged are required to adopt and provide to each resident at admission, and publicly post in the facility, a policy describing the rights and responsibilities of residents. Residents must be treated in accordance with the policy.

HFA Resident Rights and Responsibilities

To make a complaint regarding the violation of Resident Rights contact the Bureau of Community and Health Systems, Children and Adult Licensing Complaint Intake Unit at 866-856-0126 or see Complaints for specific details.

To make a complaint regarding the abuse, neglect or exploitation of an adult contact Adult Protective Services at 800-996-6228.