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AFC Training Attestation Submission Process For Licensees And Administrators

To be placed on our website as a training provider you must submit a signed attestation regarding the training that you will be providing.  The signed attestation is your acknowledgment that you will provide training according to Adult Foster Care Rules and Statues (Public Act No. 218) and if applicable a nationally recognized standard in the area in which you provide training.  The Training attestation is to be submitted to the Bureau of Community and Health Systems to be listed on our website. After the attestation is received it will be reviewed and you will be placed our website as a training provider.

Click here for the training attestation.  

Submit Training Attestation to:

Bureau of Community and Health Systems
ATTN: Adult Foster Care Licensing Program Consultant
611 W. Ottawa Street
PO Box 30664
Lansing, MI 48909-8164

Training listed on this web site does not constitute an endorsement of any particular trainer, training company, or their consultative or other services. To present otherwise to the public is fraudulent and grounds for removal of training approval from this site.

Note:  Inclusion of posted training on this website reflects submission and review of a signed attestation that training is in compliance with licensing requirements and a national standard when applicable and does not assure the quality of the training provided or competency of the trainers.