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MI Prevention Educator Resources

MI Prevention Educator Resources


Welcome to the MI Prevention Resources for Educators page! Here you will find all of the available resources the MI Prevention team offers for fire safety, both in and out of the classroom.

Fire Safety Apps

Home Safety Visit App

Home Safety Visits App

Available in seven languages, the Home Safety Visits App provides a series of brief videos that can be shown when doing home safety visits and focuses on Cooking, Heating, Smoke alarms and Speed of fire.

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MIP Michigander Fire Safety App

This app has fire safety information for Michiganders.

Sound Off Safety App

Sound Off App

The Sound Off Safety App includes three games designed to help keep families safe.

Youth Fire Safety Resources


NFPA - Safety Messages on Children

The National Fire Protection Association contracted with the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy to conduct a study to determine the best way to communicate safety messages to children 4-9 years old.


NFPA Sparky Schoolhouse

Youth fire safety information.

Sound Off with the Home Fire Safety Patrol

Sound Off

Let the Home Fire Safety Patrol help your child learn how smoke alarms help families stay safe from home fire. Use these resources to teach children about the importance of working smoke alarms, the meaning of the sounds they make, and where they belong in a home.

When Youth Fire Setting is Prevented

Youth Firesetting Prevention

This Youth Firesetting Prevention page contains many valuable resources for educators.

Forms, Checklists, & Additional Resources for Educators

Smoke Alarms

Alarm Placement Form

Smoke alarm types and where to install them at home or in a business.

ASL Interpreter Resource Hub

ASL Interpreter Resource Hub aims to provide a collection of professional resources, mentoring opportunities and a space for a collective voice. For interpreters, by interpreters, to do better for ourselves and for the communities we work with.

Disability Network Logo

MI Prevention Disability Resources

The Disability Network of Michigan has partnered with MI Prevention to provide fire safety and prevention resources for individuals with disabilities.

Fire is everyone's fight

Fire Safety Materials Generator

Create fire safety materials that meet the needs of your community. You will be provided with the key messages, pictures, and design. All you have to do is answer a few questions.

Home Safety Checklist

Home Safety Checklist

Checklist and Tips to help keep you safe incase of a fire.


National Fire Safety Council - Fire Safety Educational Materials

National Fire Safety Council creates and develops high quality fire safety educational materials and programs to assist you with your community education efforts.

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MI Prevention Training & Classes

Training materials and information for fire safety and prevention.

Illustration of door closed blocking smoke from entering

UL Education

Download these tools to utilize in your public safety education efforts and interaction with local media. Or order items to be shipped to you.

US Fire Administration Logo

U.S. Fire Administration Outreach Materials & Educational Programs

Help increase community awareness about preventing home fires with some free fire safety and prevention outreach materials and educational programs.