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Reporting and Notification of Hazardous Material Incidents

Per Section 29.5g of Public Act (PA) 207 of 1941, the Fire Prevention Code, incidents such as a fire, explosion, spill, leak, accident or related occurrence involving the transportation, storage, handling, sale, use or processing of hazardous material(s) by a firm, person or vehicle shall be reported immediately to the Bureau of Fire Services (BFS) via email to and the Department of Environmental Quality’s Pollution Emergency Alerting System at 800-292-4706.

After notification has been made, BFS will work with the organized local fire department in which the incident occurred to determine the appropriate emergency measures to be taken as outlined in Section 29.5h of PA 207 of 1941. BFS shall also notify all responsible parties of the incident including federal, state and local authorities and agencies as well as the owner of the firm or vehicle involved in the incident if notification was made by any person other than the owner. An investigation shall also be conducted to determine the cause and contributing factors of the incident. Following the inspection, findings will be documented and kept on record at BFS.