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Underground Storage Tank Permits & Licenses



The Storage Tank Division (STD), within the Bureau of Fire Services (BFS), has the responsibility of regulating the installation of new Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems containing certain petroleum and hazardous substances. The STD also receives the registration of new UST's, existing UST's, and maintains current status of registered UST's.



  • The owner/operator registration of certain petroleum and hazardous substance UST's.
  • The owner/operator update of registration information.
  • A 30 day notification before beginning either permanent closure or a change in service.
  • The 24-hour report of a confirmed release from UST's.



  • Part 211, Underground Storage Tank Regulations, of the 1994 PA 451, as amended.
  • Act 207 of the Public Acts of 1941, as amended.
  • Executive Order No. 7 of 1994.
  • Executive Reorganization Order No. 2012-14.



  • Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Storage Tank Division, Underground Storage Tanks, Sections 324.21101-324.21113 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.
  • Michigan Fire Prevention Code, Section 29.5c of the Michigan Compiled Laws
  • Michigan Underground Storage Tank Rules, Sections 29.2101-29.2173 of the Michigan Administrative Code.
  • Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids Rules, Sections 29.4101-29.4504 of the Michigan Administrative Code.




1. Applicability

Underground Storage Tank System means a tank or combination of tanks, including underground pipes connected to the tank or tanks or underground ancillary equipment containment systems, if any, which is, was, or may have been, used to contain an accumulation of regulated substances and the volume of which, including the volume of underground pipes connected to the tank or tanks, is 10% or more beneath the surface of the ground.

2. General Requirements

The applicant is required to submit a completed Pre-registration Form # BFS3820, along with a site plan and installation information for review and approval by the STD.
The applicant is also required to provide a completed Registration Form # BFS3821 for all newly certified tanks, as well as existing storage tanks that contain regulated substances.
The owner/operator is required to report any tank or owner information changes to the STD on a Registration Form # BFS3821 within 30 days of the change.
The owner/operator is also required to submit a 30-day notification before beginning either permanent closure or a change in service.
The owner/operator must report to the STD a suspected or a confirmed release within 24 hours. If a suspected release is reported, it must be upgraded or canceled within 14 workdays.

3. Submission Requirements

All data and information requested on the Registration Form(s).
New UST Installations:
A plot plan providing the relevant information such as location of buildings and public roadways, property lines, railroads, power lines, storm and sanitary sewers, manholes, and catch basins.
A diagram of the proposed UST system, the materials of construction, of the tank, piping, and flow control devices, the capacity and dimensions of the tank, the regulated substance which will be stored, the method of leak detection for the pipe and the tank, burial depth, cover, and backfill material, shear valve, breakaway device, dispenser, nozzle, spill protection, and crash protection.
The location of any single family drinking water wells within 300 feet, Type IIb and Type III nonpublic drinking water wells within 800 feet, and Type I community and Type IIa noncommunity drinking water wells within 2000 feet of the storage system.

4. Procedures for Obtaining Permit or Approval

New UST Installations:
Applicant submits to the STD central office a completed Pre-registration Form # BFS3820 and provides the additional information required for new UST installation plans.
Storage Tank Division staff will review new installation plans submitted, and issue a plan review report within 30 days from receipt of the submittal. A copy of the plan review report is transmitted with the approved plans to the applicant, and appropriate field office for their review in preparation for the field inspection.
Upon receipt of the plan review report, the applicant will notify the field inspector who will schedule a tank installation inspection, a pipe installation inspection, and a final inspection. Pursuant to the final inspection, the inspector will certify the new UST system if it is in compliance with the Rules.
Following the certification of a new UST installation, the applicant must submit a completed Registration Form # BFS3821, along with the registration fee of $100.00 per tank.
Existing UST Installations:
Applicant must submit a completed Registration Form # BFS3821 for existing unregistered UST's, and whenever there is a change in the status of a regulated UST system.
Owner/operator must submit a completed 30-Day Notification Form # BFS3824 before beginning either permanent closure or a change in service.

5. Operations Requirements

Owner/operator report a suspected or a confirmed release within 24 hours and must upgrade or cancel a suspected release within 14 working days. The owner must comply with all the requirements of the Michigan Underground Storage Tank Rules.

6. Fees

The annual registration fee is $100 per tank.  Payments should be sent to: 

LARA, Cashiers Office UST/AST, PO BOX 30033, LANSING, MI 48909


Storage Tank Division
Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
P.O. Box 30033
Lansing, Michigan 48909
517-241-8847 (phone) (email)