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Limited Appraiser License

Qualifying Education 



Continuing Education 

75 hours of approved prelicensure appraiser education plus 4 hours of supervisory/trainee course.

no exams required;
except the course examinations including the 15-Hour National USPAP Course exam. 

no work experience required

14 hours for each year. The class hour requirement can be fulfilled at any time during the cycle. 

The scope of practice for the Limited Appraiser is the appraisal of those properties which the state-certified Supervisory Appraiser is permitted by his/her current credential and that the Supervisory Appraiser is competent to appraise.

The limited real estate appraiser application should be filed upon completion of 75 hours of prelicensure courses, including the 15-hour National USPAP Course.

The Limited Appraiser license application may be submitted on-line at or obtained by downloading the application from the State of Michigan Appraiser's website,

Visit the site below for complete requirements.

AQB Criteria