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Certified General Appraiser License

Qualifying Education



Continuing Education

300 hours of approved prelicensure appraiser education and a bachelor's degree or higher


3,000 hours in no fewer than eighteen (18) months, of which 1,500 must be in non-residential appraisal work

28 hours for every 2 years of licensure after the first renewal

Certified General Appraisers may appraise real property of any type or value, including appraisals for federally related transactions.

An application may be filed upon completion of 300 hours of course work which includes the 15-hour National USPAP Course and 3,000 hours of documentable appraisal experience over at least 18 months, at least 1,500 of which are for non-residential appraisal work and completion of the qualifying education requirement. 

The Certified General Appraiser license application may be obtained by downloading the application from the State of Michigan Appraiser's website,

Visit the site below for complete requirements.

AQB Criteria

Revision Date:  05/01/18