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Verification of Examination and/or Licensure

All requests for verification of examination and/or licensure must be placed in writing and sent to the Bureau of Professional Licensing along with the required fee. If your request is received without fee payment, it will be returned.

Please send your Verification of Examination and/or Licensure form (from the state you are applying to), a written request, or the Detailed License Verification Request form, along with a check or money order in the amount of $15.00 payable to the State of Michigan, to:

Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs
Bureau of Professional Licensing
Licensing Division - Design Boards
P.O. Box 30670
Lansing, MI 48909

Please be sure the form, or your written correspondence, includes the following information:

  • Michigan License #, if applicable
  • Name changes, if applicable
  • DOB and last 4-digits of SSN
  • License &/or Exam(s) to be verified
  • Approximate date exams were taken
  • Where form is to be sent
  • For faster processing, you may include a postage paid envelope addressed to the recipient.