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Electronic Plan of Corrections

Verify a License and Electronic Plan of Correction


The Electronic Plan of Correction (ePOC) application eliminates the need for paper-based communications between providers and survey agencies when reviewing plans of correction. After you have completed the request and activation of your ASPEN Web ePOC account the Statement of Deficiency (SOD) and Plan of Correction (POC) for certified nursing homes in Michigan are available by logging into the CMSNet - Submission Access site.

There is additional information to request and active your individual ASPEN Web ePOC account at the CMS ePOC Individual Access site. 

There is additional information for Multiple Facility / Corporate user access on the ePOC Multiple Facility / Corporate Access site.

It is highly recommended that your facility have at least two (2) people with ePOC access (a primary and backup person). Each facility is allowed up to 4 individual ePOC user accounts to access the SOD and submit POCs.

The ASPEN Web electronic Plan of Correction ePOC Facility Procedure Guide 12 3 contains additional information for the active facility user about the ePOC procedures, reviewing posted SOD and survey related letters and submit/e-sign POC to state agency/regional office.

For MDS, ePOC and PBJ account changes and update access complete the QIES (MDS/ePOC/PB) Corporate Access Request form. This form is completed to make the following account changes:

    • Remove all access.
    • Remove only ePOC (electronic Plan of Correction) access.
    • Remove only PBJ (Payroll Based Journal) access.
    • Remove only MDS (Minimum Data Set) Submission access.
    • Increase user limit.

ASPEN Web ePOC Account

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) ASPEN Web ePOC account activity requirements:

  • It is recommended you login to your ASPEN Web ePOC account every 30 to 40 days to ensure your account remains active by navigating to the ‘Survey List’ screen.
  • After 60 days of inactivity the User ID is disabled.   
  • After 90 days of inactivity the User ID is deleted, and you will have to register again to get a new User ID.
  • Please contact the CMSNet Remote User Support desk at 888-238-2122 or at MDCN.MCO@PALMETTOGBA.COM for additional assistance.

Additional information with screen shot for keeping your ASPEN Web ePOC account active can be viewed at ASPEN Web ePOC User Account Instruction



As of September 1, 2020, the posting of Nursing Home CMS 2567 Reports is located on the Verify a License (VAL) site. Access to additional survey types that are not posted on the VAL site will need to be requested by the FOIA Request process. 

The following Instructions are for accessing the Nursing Home CMS 2567 Reports on the VAL site:

  1. Navigate to the VAL site at Verify a License (VAL) site. 
  2. Click the 'Health Facilities' link.
  3. Enter ‘Facility Name’ or ‘License Number’ and click the ‘Search’ button. There is additional search option available to assist with your search requests.
  4. In the search results screen click the ‘Permanent ID# link listed for the facility (CMS 2567 reports are available by clicking the Permanent ID# for the facility record with Profession – Health Systems Facilities and License Type – Nursing Home).
  5. Look for the Document Types that begin with ‘CMS…’ and click the ‘View’ link to open the CMS 2567 Report. (FYI – the ‘FileName’ contains the Exit date of the survey, for example September 1, 2023, = 09012023).

The following survey types are available on the VAL site:

  • CMS Health Certification
  • CMS Health Cert Revisit
  • CMS Health Complaint
  • CMS Health Complaint Revisit
  • CMS Health Cert Complaint
  • CMS Health Cert Complaint Revisit
  • CMS LSC Certification
  • CMS LSC Cert Revisit
  • CMS LSC Cert Complaint
  • CMS LSC Cert Complaint Revisit
  • CMS Health Certification - Infection Control
  • CMS Health Cert - Infection Control Revisit
  • CMS Health Complaint - Infection Control
  • CMS Health Complaint - Infection Control Revisit
  • CMS Health Cert Complaint - Infection Control
  • CMS Health Cert Complaint - Infection Control Revisit
  • CMS Infection Control
  • CMS Infection Control Revisit

Any additional survey types that are not posted on the VAL site will need to be requested by the FOIA Request process.


For issues with the Secure Access Service login or Juniper Client Installation please contact CMSNet User Support by calling 888-238-2122 or by emailing