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Facility Reported Incidents (FRI)

LTC - Facility Reported Incidents (FRI)

Please refer to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Exhibit 358 and Exhibit 359 for guidance in reporting and thoroughly investigating Facility Reported Incidents.

Please note that during an investigation the provider must prevent further potential abuse while the investigation is in progress, per 42 CFR 483.12(c)(3).


The MI-FRI application is the state online reporting system for federally certified long term care providers (nursing homes, county medical care facilities, and hospital long term care units) to submit Facility Reported Incidents.


For assistance with issues logging into MiLogin (forgot password, account locked): MiLogin Help.

If you encounter issues within the MI-FRI application email:


If the MI-FRI state application is not available for any reason (state maintenance, local Internet disruption, etc.), please “screen shot” the MI-FRI message to demonstrate that the state reporting system was unavailable and attach the message to the initial incident report once the system is accessible.  If the screen shot or message does not contain a date or time, the provider should document the date and time of attempted submission to demonstrate compliance with the reporting requirement. The provider is responsible for submitting the incident into the State of Michigan’s MI-FRI system via MILogin as soon as possible.