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Changes in Business Structure

Agency: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

After the initial formation documents have been filed, changes may occur which will require the filing of additional documents.

Changes to Articles of Incorporation
If changes are desired to be made to the Articles of Incorporation, the changes can be made by filing a Certificate of Amendment with the Bureau. Reasons for amending the Articles of Incorporation include changes in the name, purpose or street address. If the Articles of Incorporation have been previously amended, the separate amendments may be integrated into one document by filing Restated Articles of Incorporation.

Change in Resident Agent or Registered Office
To change the resident agent or the address of the registered office, a Certificate of Change of Registered Office/Agent (CSCL/CD 520) should be filed.

Foreign Corporations
After a certificate of authority has been issued, changes may occur which will require the filing of additional documents with the Corporations Division.

A foreign profit corporation must file an Amended Application for Certificate of Authority (CSCL/CD 562) to report changes in its name, or if information on the application changes. The filing must be completed within 30 days of when the change was effective in the home jurisdiction. A preprinted form can be obtained by contacting the Bureau at 517-241-6470. For foreign profit corporations additional fees may be required if the shares attributable to Michigan increase.

A foreign nonprofit corporation must file a certified copy of any amendment to its articles after they are filed in the jurisdiction of its incorporation.