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Corporations Division Policy Statements

2014-1: Resigned Resident Agent and Registered Office Mailing

C-1: Policy on Filing Documents

C-2: Licensing or Other Legal Authorization of Shareholders

C-3: Denials of Request for Extensions - Supplemental Statements

C-4: Franchise Fees Associated with Restated Articles

C-5: Dishonored Checks

C-6: Policy Statement on Reinstatement of Certificate of Authority Revoked for Failure to File Supplemental Statement in 1989

C-7: Refunds of Excess Franchise Fees Paid

C-8: Practice of Law by Corporations

C-9: Refund of Fees, Other than Franchise Fees

C-10: Incorporation of a Hospital

C-12: US Post Office Zip Code and Address Changes

C-13: Correction of an Administrative Error

C-14: Annual Report Penalty Fees

C-15: Business and Industrial Development Corporation

C-16: Policy Statement of Professional Service Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

C-17: Units and Limited Partnership Certificates

C-18: Cancellation of a Limited Partnership

C-20: Bank Holding Companies

C-21: Calculating Franchise Fees

C-22: Assessment of Penalty Fees

C-25: Reconstruction of Closed Reinstatement Files

C-27: Annual Reports for Professional Corporations

C-28: Fees Received with Additional Annual Reports

C-30: Various Content Requirements in the Annual Report

C-32: Addresses in the State 

C-33: Other Agency Approvals 

C-34: Regarding Daily Deposit

C-35: Incomplete and Deficient Annual Reports

C-36: Adoption of an Assumed Name

C-37: Corporate Reinstatement Name

C-38: Pre-Clearance of Documents

C-39: Corporate Annual Reports for Out Corporations

C-40: Application of Name Standard

C-41: Application for Certificate of Authority by Foreign Limited Liability Companies

C-42: Adopting the Same Assumed Name

C-43: Name Reservation

C-44: Franchise Fees for Partnerships Associations Limited

C-45: Applications for Certificate of Authority From Trusts

C-46: Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization

C-47: Foreign Insurance Companies

C-48: Names of Educational Corporations

C-51: Liability for Annual Reports Under Two Statutes

C-53: Educational Purposes for Limited Liability Companies


C-62: Professional Limited Liability Companies

C-63: Purposes of Nonprofit Corporations

C-64: Recission of Policy Statements C-19, C31, C54

C-67: Late Submission of Profit Corporation Annual Reports

C-69: Documents Available for Submission by Email

C-70: Information Sharing with Law Enforcement Agencies