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Article 18 Amendment - Requesting a waiver for managing two funeral homes

Effective October 6, 2020, Article 18 of the Occupational Code, Act 299 of 1980 (Act) has been amended to allow mortuary science licensees the opportunity to manage two funeral homes in certain situations, provided they meet all of the criteria outlined in MCL 339.1809(2).

MCL 339.1809(2) The director shall receive and approve or deny requests for waivers to allow an individual to act as the manager of two funeral establishments under this subsection. The following apply to a request for a waiver under this subsection:

(a) The prospective manager shall request the waiver. The request must include the following:

(i) The prospective manager's name and mortuary science license number.

(ii) The name and license number of each funeral establishment affected.

(iii) Documentation supporting the existence of the factors listed in subdivision (b).

(b) The director shall not grant a waiver under this subsection unless all of the following factors are met:

(i) The funeral establishments are located in the same county or contiguous counties.

(ii) The population density of the county in which each of the funeral establishments is located is less than the population density for this state, based on data from the most recent decennial census.

(iii) The funeral establishments are located within 90 miles of each other.

(c) If the waiver is denied, the director shall send a written notice of the denial and the reasons for denial to the individual who requested the waiver. The individual may appeal the denial to the board in the manner provided for in section 515.


All waivers must be submitted in writing, along with a new funeral home application or a change of manager application (whichever is applicable), and appropriate fee. You may use the Waiver Request worksheet or submit a written request.  Waivers will not be reviewed until all required information is received.  If the waiver request contains incomplete information the requester will receive notification of the deficiencies. 

The application, fees, and waiver request should be mailed to:

Mailing address

State of Michigan


Mortuary Science

PO Box 30018

Lansing, MI  48909


Applications are reviewed within five business days.  A notice will be sent to the prospective manager indicating whether the waiver request was approved or denied.


Below is a link to a map from the most recent decennial census showing the population density for Michigan counties. The counties highlighted in yellow are eligible to apply for the waiver request

If you have additional questions, you can contact the Licensing Division at 517-241-9221. You can also email questions to


Waiver Request worksheet