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Funeral Establishments and Changing a License

Article 18 defines a funeral establishment as a place of business used in the care and preparation for burial or transportation of a dead human body, or a place where a person represents that the person is engaged in the profession of undertaking or the practice of mortuary science. 

Each licensed funeral establishment is required to have a manager who is employed by the establishment on a full-time basis and who is available at all times for funeral-related purposes.  The manager must be a licensed mortuary science licensee who resides within one hour's drive of the funeral establishment.  A mortuary science licensee shall not manage more than one funeral establishment at a time. 

If there is a change of manager of the funeral establishment or if the funeral establishment wishes to change the establishment's name, a Change of Manager/Name application is required.  See additional information about changes, below. 

An application for a funeral establishment license should be submitted approximately 30 days prior to the planned opening of the establishment.  An inspection of the funeral establishment will be conducted prior to approval of the license application. 

Changes to Funeral Establishment Licenses 

Whenever there is a change of ownership or entity (company) of a funeral establishment or the funeral establishment relocates, or a new funeral establishment is established, certain applications must be filed with the Department.  These are explained in the Funeral Establishment License Changes information. 

A funeral establishment entity may be formed as a corporation, partnership, limited liability company (LLC) or a sole proprietorship operating under an assumed name.  If a funeral establishment is a corporation, all officers and directors actively involved in the day to day operation of the establishment are required to hold a current Michigan mortuary science license.