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Mortuary Science Exam Information

The Licensing Division serves as the governing body covering examination needs for Mortuary Science licenses administered by the Corporations, Securities, & Commercial Licensing Bureau (“CSCL”). For testing information click here.

The Mortuary Science State Jurisprudence Licensing Examination is designed to measure an individual's entry-level competency to protect the public's health, safety, and welfare. The examination is developed and administered by either national organizations, testing and education service companies or external vendors.

  • PSI Services, LLC ("PSI")
    • $59, each time. 
    • Fees are non-refundable and expire after one year of registering with PSI.
  • To pass the examination, you must achieve a minimum score of 75%. Candidates passing the examination will receive only a score indication of PASS. Passing numeric scores are not available. Candidates who do not pass will receive an individual score for each of the major sections in the examination outline. Candidates should use this information to assist them in studying for the re-examination. 
  • Visa, MasterCard and American Express
  • This exam is administered for the Department by PSI Services LLC, (PSI). Once license applicants have been approved by the Department to be eligible to sit for the exam, that information is transmitted to PSI. Applicants will be sent an email to the email address on record with the Department that will advise when and how they should contact PSI directly. Once advised, applicants access PSI directly to schedule their exam. 
  • You will see a PASS or FAIL on the screen immediately upon finishing and ending the examination.  You will receive a score report at check-out.  
  • The State will automatically be notified of a pass/fail score from PSI. You do not need to notify us.
  • Yes, PSI has a "Candidate Bulletin" that can be accessed by downloading here. The candidate bulletin is much more than a study guide. It contains all relevant information related to this exam. 
  • PSI's website is, their phone number is (855) 579-4635, and their email address for customer service issues is
  • PSI's "Candidate Bulletin" can be accessed by downloading here. It provides the test location(s).
    • The National Board Exam (NBE).
    • You must contact "The Conference" (The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards) to schedule your NBE. 
    • To pass the NBE, the candidate must pass both the Arts and Sciences sections with a scaled score of 75% or greater.  You must pass the NBE prior to taking the Michigan Mortuary Science Jurisprudence Exam with PSI. You may contact "The Conference" at (479) 442-7076 or visit their website for more information.