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Getting Started: Retirement Basics

Action Guides

Retirement Income Checklist: This check list provides keep questions to consider so that you can make wise financial decisions during your working years and throughout your retirement.

Retirement Readiness Checklist: Answer these six questions to see if you are ready to retire.

Beginner's Guide to Saving and Investing: Investing your money allows you to earn interest on money you already set aside, which over time can build your savings at a faster rate than simply leaving your money in a traditional bank account. This guide will lay out some options that you have for saving and investing and help you get started.

10 Ways Women Can Save Themselves from Retirement Shortfalls! Do not fall into shortfalls many have found themselves into and unable to recoup from it.

Avoid Ponzi Schemes: The Ponzi scheme is a hose-of-cards swindle in which high returns are paid to initial investors out of the funds of later investors, who end up losing all or most of their money to the promoter. You can protect yourself from these types of scams.  



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