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Retirement Plan and Investment Basics

Action Guides

Financial Planner Alert: The key to choosing a planner is knowing what services they provide and what services you need. You should know exactly what services you are getting, how much they will cost, and how your planner gets paid. Ask lots of questions and do your homework.

How to Find a Financial PlannerUnderstand the different professional designations and identify areas you want help with

Making Up For Lost Time: Delaying Retirement: The examples given shows just how meaningful the following strategy can be for people facing a serious shortfall at retirement time.

Lump Sum Pension Payment: A pension plan may have an option that allow you to take your entire pension benefit as a lump sum instead of receiving monthly payment. How do you make the best financial decision?

Women In Transition: A woman's financial needs can undergo grammatic shifts when she gets married, divorced, or widowed; sends a child off to college; beings caring for elderly or ill parents; or nears retirement. The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) and your local state securities regulator are here to help empower women to approach transitional phases in their financial lives with confidence.

"I'm Ready to SAVE, Now What?" The Basics of Savings and Investing: The Basics of Savings and Investing Whether you have $25 or $2,500 to spare, there are smart ways to invest your money to build your retirement savings. This guide will lay out some options that you have for investing and help you get started.  

Asset Allocation, Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket.  There are three basic places where you can invest your money; cash, bonds and stocks. There are reasons why you should not put them all your eggs in one basket.  

Making Investment Choices: Rise & Return.  How are Risk and Return Related? What is Inflation Risk? And Why is it Important to Diversify Investments?

What Women Need to Know About Retirement : E-Book - What Women Need to Know About Retirement.  Wiser, in conjunction with the Heinz Family Foundation, Published this e-book.  The book includes specifics about paying for healthcare, planning for a lifetime of income, Social Security and more. 

Mutual Fund Investing: Investment Concepts to Consider  

Retirement Plans for Small Businesses: There are options for small businesses that want to set up a retirement plan for their employees. Employer and employee contributions to retirement plans are generally tax-deductible.



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