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Authorized Distribution Agent (ADA) Information

An Authorized Distribution Agent (ADA) is a certification issued by the Commission to a company that acts as a delivery agent for spirit products pursuant to MCL 436.1205 and administrative rule R 436.1802.  The Commission is the wholesaler of spirit products in Michigan and the ADAs provide logistical support to the Commission for warehousing and delivering spirits products to retailers throughout the state.  An ADA must have a written agreement with Vendors of Spirits to deliver spirit products to retailer-tier licensees and must have an adequate warehouse facility located in Michigan that can ensure delivery to all retailer licensees in Michigan.  The ADA delivers spirit products that are ordered from the Commission and collects payment on behalf of the Commission.  An ADA may also be licensed as a Wholesaler, but may not have any interest in a retailer-tier license or a supplier of spirits.

Authorized Distribution Agent (ADA) Information Book
This book contains detailed information on the expectations that a company that is certified as an Authorized Distribution Agent (ADA) must perform to comply with the requirements in the Liquor Control Code, administrative rules, and Commission administrative orders.  Companies that are interested in applying for certification as an ADA must review and understand the details of the requirements presented in the informational book before submitting an application for certification.  Due to the size of the informational book, it has been separated into two parts:

Authorized Distribution Agent
Information Book - Part 1
Authorized Distribution Agent
Information Book - Part 2

Application for Certification as Authorized Distribution Agent (LCC-180)