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Financial Management Information

Gold Q GraphicWhat is the return policy on liquor?

Gold A Graphic Returnable items include bottles which are delivered damaged, certain products which deteriorated before their shelf life expires, leaking containers, bottles with damaged labels, and short filled bottles. You CANNOT return items which are overstocked, slow moving, opened, tampered with, or because of a limited or seasonal demand for the product. Bottles damaged by the licensee are not returnable. This policy does not apply to the voluntary return of your entire inventory. In this case, the ADA will refuse to accept unsaleable items, which they determine at time of return.

Gold Q GraphicWhat if I make an error when I place my order?

Gold A Graphic If you receive an incorrect product due to an ordering error, you may return the product to the ADA, if the error is reported to the ADA within 48 hours. It is important that you check your order for accuracy and damage immediately upon receipt and report any discrepancies to the truck driver before he leaves. This will help prevent return or correction problems. You are required to sign the invoice to acknowledge receipt of your order.

Gold Q GraphicWhat can I do if I miss my order day?

Gold A Graphic You can still place your order, however, it will not be delivered until the following week. You are also entitled to 12 emergency orders per year, to be made available to you within 18 hours. You may have to pay up to $20 if the ADA delivers the emergency order to you. However, the ADA cannot charge a fee if you are required to pick your order up at its facility. On-Premise licensees are allowed to purchase 9 liters of spirits per month from certain Off-Premise Licensees. Off-Premise licensees must meet federal obligations before selling to On-Premise licensees. Call the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms at 517-684-2807 for more information.

Gold Q GraphicWhat are my payment options for liquor purchases?

Gold A Graphic You may make payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), check, bank or postal money order, or cash. EFT is the preferred payment method for liquor purchases. Contact the MLCC at 800-701-0513 for an application. If you pay by check or money order please write your license number on the document. Also, make checks or money orders payable to: The State of Michigan/MLCC. There may be a cash handling fee in Kent, Muskegon, Saginaw, Bay, Genesee, Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties, if you choose to pay with currency.

Gold Q GraphicWhere do I report problems with my delivery agents?

Gold A Graphic The State of Michigan has a toll-free line at 800-701-0513.

Gold Q GraphicHow are taxes calculated on liquor?

Gold A Graphic Liquor Price Calculations Table

Gold Q GraphicDo groups with tax exempt status pay sales tax on alcohol?

Gold A Graphic A purchaser must deliver to the seller a completed Certificate of Exemption at the time of sale. The seller must keep a copy of this certificate with the record of the sale. The seller is not liable for sales tax on such items If a Certificate of Exemption is accepted in good faith and Treasury later determines that the sale did not qualify for exemption, the seller is not liable for collection of unpaid tax.

If an exemption from sales tax is claimed because the sale is for resale or for any of the other exemptions or deductions granted under the General Sales Tax Act, a record shall be kept of the name and address of the person to whom the sale is made, the date of sale, the article purchased, the use to be made of the article, and the amount of the sale, and if that person has a sales tax license, that number shall also be included.

If the seller does not accept the Certificate of Exemption at the time of the sale, the purchaser may file for a tax refund directly from the Michigan Department of Treasury.