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Michigan Wholesale Product Registry (MWPR) Instructions

Michigan Wholesale Product Registry (MWPR) Instructions


Welcome to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission's (MLCC) beer, wine, and mixed spirit drink online product registration site.  This website is provided for licensed Michigan suppliers to register their beer, wine, and mixed spirit drink beverages for sale throughout Michigan.

To use this site, you must hold an active Michigan supplier license.  The following types of supplier licenses may register their products online:

  • Brewer (BREWER)
  • Micro Brewer (MICBRE)
  • Outstate Seller of Beer (OSSB)
  • Manufacturer of Mixed Spirits (MFGMSP)
  • Outstate Seller of Mixed Spirits (OSSMS)
  • Wine Maker (WM)
  • Small Wine Maker (SWM)
  • Direct Shipper (DIRSHP)
  • Outstate Seller of Wine (OSSW)
  • Outstate Self-Distributor (OSSD)

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I enter my license number?
For older licenses, enter prior to the dash.  (ex. 260917 - 2019).  For new licenses, enter the numbers after the zeros. (ex. L-000298293).

2.  How will I receive my initial password?
Passwords are issued within 24 hours of your license issuance. You will receive an email that contains a temporary password and a link to the MWPR site where you will be prompted to change your password.

3.  How many characters should the password be?
When you initially log in to the system, you will be asked to reset your password.  When you do this, the new password must ONLY be 8 characters in length - no more or less.

4.  Must a label image accompany every product submission?
No. As long as you have a valid COLA number and the label image is available on the TTB's web site, it is not necessary to upload an electronic file image to our on-line system.  If an image is not available, you may upload the label image using JPEG (.jpg) format.

5.  Is a federal Certificate of Label Approval (COLA number) a requirement for every submitted product?
No. However, you will still need to register the product and load a label image, using JPEG (.jpg) format. Examples include:

  • Wines and ciders with an ABV of less than 7% are exempt from federal registration.
  • Micro Brewers who ONLY sell their product in their tasting room or to beer festival special licensees, do not need to obtain a COLA from the TTB.
  • IRC beers
  • Seltzers that are regulated by the FDA

6.  What if I get busy with something else in the middle of entering my product?
For security reasons there is a session timeout on the application. You will be automatically disconnected after 25 minutes of inactivity. Please note that if your own internet service provider times you out for inactivity prior to the application's 25-minute timeout, you will also lose any unsaved data.

7.  What if after I hit submit and I get a blank screen?

  • Make sure the product isn't already registered.
  • If you were trying to load a label image, make sure it is in JPEG (.jpg) format.
  • Clear your browsing history.

8.  What if I am a Brew Pub, do I have to register my products?

9.  What if I am a Micro Brewer, do I have to register my products?

  • If you are ONLY selling in house or filling growlers, NO.
  • If you are selling in house and "to go", self-distributing to retailers, or for Wholesale distribution, YES.

10. Do I have to register each container size?
No.  Only one size is required to be registered.

11. What if I am a Small Wine Maker, do I have to register my products if I am only selling in house?
Yes, regardless if you are only selling in house or "to go", you have to register all your products.

12. What if I am a Direct Shipper, can I direct ship imported products or products manufactured by another winery?
A wine manufacturer issued a Direct Shipper license must do one of the following actions in relation to the wine it will ship directly to consumers in Michigan:

  1. Manufacture, bottle, label, and register the wine.
  2. Purchase bulk wine from another wine manufacturer, further manufacture the bulk wine as described in the definition of "manufacturer", and bottle, label, and register the wine.
  3. Purchase bulk wine from another wine manufacturer, bottle the bulk wine, label, and register the wine.

13. What if I have a mixed spirit drink product that is more than 10% acohol by volume (ABV), can I register that?
Yes.  You may register mixed spirit drink products that are more than 10% ABV, but not more than 13.5% ABV.  These products must be packaged in a metal can that cannot exceed 24 ounces in liquid capacity.

This site provides the State of Michigan the ability to capture product data so that it can be accessed easier and quicker as well as facilitate the Commission's product registration process.

Most beer, wine, and mixed spirit drink products must be registered at the federal level with the Alcohol, Tobacco, Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB).  ALL beer, wine, and mixed spirit products, regardless of level of alcohol content, must be registered at the State level with the MLCC prior to distribution and subsequent sale in Michigan.  If the product was registered with the TTB, the federally assigned COLA number must be provided to the State of Michigan.

The registration of each product is a multi-step process:

  • The product information is submitted to MLCC by a supplier
  • The product is reviewed by MLCC.
  • The product approval or denial can be viewed by the supplier by logging into the site and querying on the product id.

A series of pages facilitate the online registration of a product:

1.  Welcome (Log On)
Identifies and authorizes a licensed supplier to access the State of Michigan's on-line system

2.  Register New Product
Provides a screen for entering new product information and uploading of label image (if necessary, using JPEG (.jpg) format)

3.  Product submission results
Displays the submitted product along with the newly assigned MLCC Product ID number.

4.  Edit pending product detail
Provides a screen for editing a submitted product's data (only products pending MLCC approval may be edited)

5.  Initiate query (search) of products
Allows the supplier to view their registered products. (or restrict query to only those products specified)

6.  Display of queried products
Screen displays search results based on criteria entered.

Supplier licensees may enter and review their registered products at any time.  The MLCC will process the registrations electronically.  Product data and image may only be edited prior to approval by the MLCC.  Upon approval, products may be delivered to wholesalers for distribution and subsequent sale in Michigan.  If you are no longer marketing a product in Michigan you must contact the MLCC to have this product deleted from the on-line system.

We recommend you save the MWPR website address as a browser Favorite for quick access in the future:

     A.  Enter your license number (1-6 numeric digits only) - do not include the current year in the "MLCC License Number" field.

     B.  Tab to the "Password" field and enter the on-line product registration password received from MLCC.
     NOTE:  The password is case sensitive and ONLY 8 characters

     C.  Click on the [Login] button.

     If you are an authorized user of the system, the following choices will be available:

     A.  REGISTER NEW PRODUCT - A blank form will be presented to enter product information for submission to MLCC.

          1.  Enter product information
Minimum required information:

  • Federal COLA number (only if product was federally registered) with the TTB and received an approved COLA.  For wine (including cider or mead) under 7% alcohol by volume, an I.R.C. beer, beer manufactured by a Micro Brewer and only sold in Michigan, and most seltzers, a COLA is not issued by the TTB.
  • Brand Name (Name under which product will be sold)
  • Class (identifier describing the alcohol beverage product (i.e., BEER, WINE, MIXED SPIRIT)
  • Type (identifier describing the type within above identified class. (Ex:  ALE or STOUT for the BEER class)
  • Country of Origin (Country or U.S. State where product originated)
  • Alcohol Content (percentage of alcohol by volume, for wine)
  • NOTE:  A label is required for MLCC approval.  A valid COLA number provides access to the TTB's web site for viewing of the label.  After entering your TTB COLA number, click on "Verify" to link to the TTB's web site to verify if your label image is on-line.  If your label image is not available, you must upload an electronic file image (using JPEG (.jpg) format). 

If available, MLCC asks that the following additional information be supplied:

  • Appellation (Domestic wine only) The name of the place where the grapes are grown.  In the United States, the TTB regulates the geographic boundaries of appellations.  This is part of their responsibility to oversee the safety of wines and prevent fraud to consumers.)
  • Fanciful Name (Name used in addition to the brand name to further identify the product)
  • Permit Holder (Name, if different than licensed supplier, of Applicant as Shown on Plant Registry, Basic Permit or Brewer's Notice)
  • Supplier's email address (email address for licensed supplier to receive notification from MLCC of product status).
  • Label Image File (Full path of label image as available on supplier's computer file system (i.e., use available browse button to locate image file on your computer) for uploading the product label image (using JPEG (.jpg) format).

    2.  Submit product information
    The [Submit] button at the bottom of the page causes the product data (and label image if supplied), to be forwarded to the State of Michigan for approval.   You will be presented with a Product Submission Results page.

    NOTE:  If you were unable to provide the appropriate information due to it not being available in the dropdown list of values, please contact the MLCC to either add your new product designation (or provide you with an appropriate alternate selection).

    3.  Review information and receive new registered Product ID
    The Submission Results page will display your new product data along with an assigned MLCC Product ID.  Please note this number. 

    4.  Choose next Action
    [Edit submitted product] - Returns you to the data entry page showing submitted data to allow for corrections (or resubmission of new label).

    [Register another product] - Returns you to the data entry page ready for next entry.

    [Query registered products] - Page presented which allows a query (or search).  Also see B below.

    [Logout] - Closes application.  You must re-enter your license number and password to restart the application. 

     B.  QUERY REGISTERED PRODUCTS - Review current products available online
Presents a page from which a search of products may be initiated.  Several options are presented to restrict display to only those products chosen to review.  For example, if a supplier only wishes to review "Pending" products, they would choose "Pending" from the Status dropdown list before pressing [Query] button.

Also, a specific sort order may be indicated by clicking on the sort order box next to any of the items.  When the products are queried for display, they will appear in the first indicated sort order.   NOTE:  Only products owned by the authorized supplier (currently logged in) will be available for query.

          1.  To enter search criteria:

Suppliers will be able to restrict the amount of products to display based upon their selection (or combined selections) of product items.  Click on the available dropdown list and then click on the appropriate designation.  If you choose not to restrict your query, change the field to "ALL".

A partial search may be done on the "Brand Name" and "Fanciful Name".  Use the asterisk * for partial name searches.  Example: Gold* would retrieve any products beginning with the letters Gold or *Gold* would retrieve any products with the letters Gold in the entire name.

          2.  Choose next Action button
          [Query]  - This option will display the supplier's products based on selection criteria as defined in part B (1) or all products if no restrictions are chosen.

          [Reset] - This option will clear (or erase) any item restrictions or sort selections made from the screen.

          [Return] - This action returns supplier to the screen they were previously viewing without displaying any products.

          [Logout] - Closes application.  You must re-enter your license number and password to restart the application.

If you have read these instructions and still have questions about how the site works, please email: or call the toll-free MLCC Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.    

Michigan Liquor Control Commission
Attn: Online M&W Product Registration
P.O. Box 30005
Lansing, MI 48909
Toll-Free Phone:  866-813-0011
Fax:  517-763-0060