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New Vendors of Spirits

Thank you for your interest in having your spirits sold in Michigan.

The Vendor of Spirits will need to select and contact an Authorized Distributor Agent (ADA) regarding the requirements that are necessary for being authorized by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to list a new spirit product in Michigan.

The items listed below are required prior to being issued access to Equote (internet-based, paperless quotation filing system):

In addition, vendor SIGMA registration is required for the MLCC to make payments to the vendor:

  • The vendor will need to register on SIGMA - Vendor Self Service (VSS) to receive payments for spirit products(s) at   A Vendor Support Call Center is available to assist by calling (888) 734-9749 M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm Eastern or emailing  The vendor will have the ability to update and make changes to registration details as needed.
  • Upon completion of SIGMA registration, email Cliff Farr at and provide him a VCUST number for him to confirm registration.

Vendor SIGMA registration must be completed prior to the Vendor Representative being emailed Equote access credentials and being established as a Vendor of Spirits in Michigan.