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General Spirit Ordering Information For Retailer Licensees

ONLINE ORDERING (OLO) TOLL-FREE HELPLINE: 800-701-0513 (Available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)


OFF-PREMISES LICENSEES, PLEASE NOTE: The Minimum Shelf Price shown does not include the 6% Michigan Sales Tax.  The sales tax must be collected by the licensee and remitted separately to the Michigan Treasury Department. The 6% sales tax cannot be included in the shelf or advertised price.

The retail licensee purchase price includes a discount of 17% of the base price.

Free weekly deliveries: If you order a minimum of one standard case of in stock items totaling at least 9000ml with each ADA, you will received free delivery. That case can contain split items.  A specified order day and a specified delivery day: Delivery days must be no more than six days from your specified order day.  Sufficient and reasonable amount of time to check in your order.  Twelve (12) emergency orders per year, to be made available to you within 18 hours. You may have to pay up to $20.00 if the ADA delivers the emergency order to you. However, the ADA cannot charge a fee if you are required to pick your emergency order up from their facility.  Purchases from Specially Designated Distributors (SDDs): An on-premise licensee may purchase collectively from SDDs, up to 9 liters during any one-month period. Any SDD selling to on-premise licensees must obtain a Federal Wholesalers Basic Permit from the Tax & Trade Bureau, Department of Treasury. For more information call (800) 398-2282.

Payment is due upon receipt of the delivery.  All licensees purchasing spirits from the Commission must pay only by electronic funds transfer (EFT) pursuant to Administrative Order 2021-11.  If you are placed on a “cash only” basis, you must pay with cash, a cashier’s check or a bank or postal money order. There may be cash handling fees depending on your location and the ADA. Please write your license number on any check or money order used to make payment. Also, make checks or money orders payable to: STATE OF MICHIGAN/MLCC.  The Commission may not permit licensees to order additional spirits if they do not pay for their entire spirit order.

Unsaleable items may be returned to the ADA for credit. Returnable items include damaged bottles, deteriorated products, leaking containers, bottles with damaged labels, short filled bottles, and delivery errors. This policy does not apply to voluntary returns of entire inventory. Licensee ordering errors are returnable if the error is reported to the ADA within 48 hours.  You cannot return items that are overstocked, slow moving, opened and tampered with or because of a limited or seasonal demand for the product.

At no cost, licensees can order split cases. By Commission Order, the ADA split case policy is listed below:

Bottle Size Splits Allowed
1.75 liter 1 or 3
1.0 liter 1, 3, or 6
750 mL 1, 3, or 6
375 mL 3, 6, or 12
200 mL 12 or 24
100 mL No Splits Allowed
50 mL No Splits Allowed
70000 Series No Splits Allowed *Limited Availability*

The marked-up cost includes $13.50 federal tax levied against each proof gallon.

Specific taxes on liquor are collected by the Commission at the time of sale to the retail licensee. All specific taxes are calculated on the marked-up cost. These taxes will be shown on the licensee’s invoice. The specific taxes include:
4% - distributed to the School Aid Fund
4% - distributed to the General Fund
4% - distributed to the Convention Facility Development Fund

If the price of a product has changed, the new price will be charged to the licensee based on the date of delivery, not the date of order.

Periodically, distribution rights for spirit brands change from one ADA to another due to contractual changes with the spirit suppliers. The Commission has established strict transition guidelines for ADAs to follow when product lines change so as to not interrupt the flow of spirit products. ADAs who no longer carry a particular spirit brand are required to advise retailers attempting to place an order with them that the brand is available through another ADA. Please notify the Michigan Liquor Control Commission if the ADAs are not notifying you that the brand is available from another ADA.