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Using the Michigan Administrative Code

The Michigan Administrative Code is a compilation of all adopted rules and regulations that are in effect in the State of Michigan. Each rule has been assigned a rule number, which appears at the beginning of each rule in the text of the Code.

How Can I Find a Particular Code Section?

The Department Index lists each rule set promulgated by department and divides those rule sets by the bureau or division assigned responsibility for the rule set.

How Frequently Will the Code be Updated?

On the effective date of each new rule, rule amendment, or rescission, the new text will be loaded into the Administrative Code database.

How Do I Determine the History and Effective Date of a Particular Code Section?

Each Code section includes a history notation that identifies the origin of, and amendments made to, the Code text. The effective date of the Code section is also included for rules promulgated since October of 1954. In addition to three letter abbreviations of the months of the year, the following abbreviations are used in the history notes:

AC: Administrative Code
ACS: Administrative Code Supplement
AACS: Annual Administrative Code Supplement
Eff.: Effective
MR: Michigan Register

What is a Figure?

A figure is a chart, map, table, or other type of illustrative material that is included in and adopted as a part of the Michigan Administrative Code. Given the limitations of the text display on the website, any figures associated with a particular rule have been displayed as separate links labeled "Figures" under the link to each Code text section.

What Should I Do if I Believe There is an Error in the Code Displayed on the Website?

Although considerable care has been used in the preparation and updating of the on-line version of the Michigan Administrative Code, there may be errors contained in the code text or in the manner in which it is displayed. If you believe that an error exists, please e-mail ARD-Rules with a note citing the section involved and the nature of the error. You can also mail comments and/or corrections to: Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules, ATTN: Administrative Rules Division, 611 W. Ottawa Street, Lansing, Michigan 48933.

Copyright Law:

The form, classification, arrangement, and numbering of these administrative rules are protected under copyright of the Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules, State of Michigan. Any unauthorized reproduction, sale, or other commercial use is hereby prohibited.