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Unemployment Appeal Hearings

How Does An Unemployment Appeal Matter Come to MOAHR?

Appeals are referred for hearings by the Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA).

What Types of Unemployment Appeal Hearings Are Conducted by MOAHR?

Worker benefit entitlement and employer liability issues.

What Authority Does MOAHR Have in this Process?

Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) hear appeals of the UIA’s decisions and issue written decisions affirming, reversing, or modifying the UIA’s decisions.

Contact Information

The main telephone number for UA Appeals is 313-456-2700, and is the preferred method of contact.   Your question will be referred to the appropriate staff member for response.  Inquiries may alternatively be sent either by fax to 517-763-0138 or emailed to  Please include your name, address, contact number, and a brief statement as to your question.  Please include the Docket Number and Judge name in the subject line.

Exhibits and Appearances are encouraged to be faxed to the number listed on your Notice of Hearing.  If you have not yet received a Notice of Hearing, you may fax to  517-763-0138 or email to

Helpful Information for the Hearing Process

  • When your case is scheduled for a hearing, you will receive a notice of the time, date, and place for the hearing. If the hearing is to be conducted by telephone, you will be provided contact numbers for a conference call.
  • All witnesses must be present and ready to testify on the date and time scheduled for the hearing.
  • Witnesses are persons who have direct knowledge of the events they asked to testify about.
  • Sworn statements are not accepted as evidence.
  • All documents or other exhibits must be sent to the ALJ hearing your case and to the opposite party so that they are received before the date scheduled for hearing. If you have already sent the proposed exhibits to the Agency, you must resend them to the ALJ and the opposite party for the ALJ hearing.
  • If you need the assistance of a translator or have an impediment that requires accommodation, you should notify MOAHR as soon as you receive your notice of hearing.

Review the Guide to Unemployment Insurance Appeals Hearings for information on what happens at an unemployment insurance hearing.

A Guide to Unemployment Insurance Appeals Hearings