Resources for Food Regulators

  • Quality Standards Inspection Forms

    Quality Standards Inspection Forms - In the coming year, the Food and Dairy Division will incorporate new inspection report forms into its inspection process.

  • Food Service Consultation Services

    MDARD Food Service Consultants have each been assigned to specific local health departments and areas of expertise. Copies of these assigned areas are available upon email request at

Your source for memos and information distributed to local health departments and other food service regulators by the MDARD Food and Dairy Division. Includes memos distributed from 2000 to the present year. (Formerly "Memos to Local Health Departments")
Plan Review Resources
Food Service Licensing
Foodborne Illness, Food Security & Recalls
Food Allergens
FDA National Retail Standards
Emergency Management
A list of educational materials available to regulators
Evaluation of a Food Establishment
Labeling information
MDARD Contact Information
Specialized Processing information