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Dairy Manufacturing Plant

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a license?

Anyone that processes milk or milk products into any manufacturing dairy products is required to have a Manufacturing Dairy plant license, regardless of the size of the plant or the volume of the products.

What fees are required? How long is the license good for? 

The Manufacturing Dairy plant license is $200, if less than 6 million pounds of raw milk receipts per year; $400 if more than 6 million pounds. This license is renewed annually and is not pro-rated.

How do I apply for a license?

An individual should apply for a license by using the paper application or online application.

Are there any special requirements to obtain a license?

Yes. An inspection is required. In addition, there are a number of other requirements with may include, but are not limited to, labeling requirements, pasteurization, drug screening and producer security. Download "Summary of Requirements for Michigan Dairy Plants" (DY-378) for more helpful information.

Who do I contact for an inspection?

Contact the MDARD Lansing office at 800-292-3939.

Procedures for starting a Manufacturing Dairy Plant in accordance with the Manufacturing Milk Law of 2001

There are several steps to starting a Manufacturing Dairy Plant.

  • Read "Summary of Requirements for Michigan Dairy Processing Plants." DY-378
  • Contact the Lansing Office at 800-292-3939 to go over plans and requirements until the plans are approved.
  • Fill out application.

    There are multiple types of Manufacturing Dairy Plant licenses, including:
    • Receiving Station
      A receiving station is a facility that receives milk and has storage vessels for the milk.
    • Transfer Station
      A transfer station is a facility that receives milk and does not have storage vessels for the milk but simply transfers from one tank truck to another.
    • Manufacturing Dairy Plant
      A plant that processes milk and/or milk products into manufacturing dairy products such as ice cream and cheese.
  • Producer Security is required for all Manufacturing Milk plants that are a first receiving point for raw milk that is going to be processed at that facility. Because the plant takes title (possession) of the raw milk for processing, the plant is responsible for it and must have producer security prior to any shipments being made into the plant. Also prior to any shipments being received at the plant, the Lansing office must approve all forms of producer security. Producer security requirements can be viewed online.
  • Receive an approved Manufacturing Milk Plant inspection from your local inspector. 
  • For further information, review form DY-366
    These may or may not apply to your specific situation.
  • Requests for additional information can be made by email to
  • If changes are made to the plant during its active lifetime, the Lansing Office must be contacted at 800-292-3939.