Target Shooting and Archery

  • Maybe you’re an experienced firearm user or archer looking for a safe, comfortable place to shoot. Or maybe you’d like to explore why target shooting and archery are fun pastimes millions of Americans enjoy. There’s a shooting range that can help. Whether you’re looking to sight in your firearm for hunting season, practice with a bow or handgun, or try your hand at shooting clay targets, DNR ranges and others around the state welcome visitors of all ages, abilities and experience levels. 

Michigan Shooting & Archery Ranges

Before you go


  • Accessible shooting range icon Ranges with accessible features

    Many of our shooting ranges have been updated with accessible amenities like handgun, rifle, shotgun and archery ranges and restroom facilities.

Explore Target Shooting

Explore Target Shooting

  • Are you new to shooting and looking for information on how to get started? Maybe you want to find a class or rent equipment. Take a look at the resources in this section to get started. You can also talk to staff at any of our staffed ranges.