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Business opportunities in state parks, trails and waterways

We partner with small businesses to help expand visitor services, such as concessions, restaurants, gift shops, rental outfitters, water park operators, guide services and more. These opportunities are available through a competitive bidding process with the ability to enter into a contract for up to seven years. 

As stewards of Michigan’s natural and cultural resources, we seek bidders who understand that every point of customer contact is an opportunity to educate and inspire and/or commit to employing best stewardship practices. For example, using compostable flatware or recycled products, using environmentally friendly cleaning products or collaborating with indigenous communities and local artists to sell retail products that tell the story of that place.

We also work with small businesses that provide camping unit and RV rentals and guide services.

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Location Type of concession Request type Submission deadline Bid packet & other info
Multiple state parks and recreation areas Lodging concession Invitation to Bid July 17, 2024 at 2 p.m.

Lodging concession - invitation to bid (part 1)

Lodging concession - invitation to bid (part 2)

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

Lodging concession addendum (4/9/24)

Muskallonge Lake State Park mobile food concession Invitation to bid No bids received, open for proposals.

Muskallonge Lake State Park - invitation to bid

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North Higgins Lake State Park mobile food concession Invitation to bid No bids receive, open for proposals.

North Higgins Lake State Park- invitation to bid

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Warren Dunes State Park mobile food concession Invitation to bid No bids received, open to proposals.

Warren Dunes State Park - invitation to bid

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Waterloo Recreation Area horse stable concession Invitation to bid No Bids received, open to proposals

Waterloo Recreation Area - invitation bid

View Waterloo Recreation Area in RecSearch

Firewood sales

To ensure responsible practices, only vendors with a contract can sell firewood and all firewood must meet DNR specifications. There are three ways to apply for a firewood sales contract in Michigan state parks:

  1. Firewood sales are included as part of a concession contract, such as a park store or day-use beach concession. Contracts are bid out and awarded based on selection criteria. Bid packages will be listed on this page.
  2. Firewood sales are bid out and awarded as a separate, stand-alone concession service in an individual park or recreation area. If interested in this type of service, please “register for future opportunities” and you’ll be notified when a bid is posted.
  3. Firewood contracts are bid out and awarded by procurement. For this method, the DNR purchases firewood from the vendor and then resells it to visitors. These contracts are awarded for specific parks, specific regions and/or statewide services. You can register as a bidder for this type of contract. If you have questions, please contact Lisa Crozier-Green at 517-284-5938.

Existing concessions

Use the map to find information on existing concessions at Michigan state parks, recreation areas and harbors. Just click the location on the map and you'll find concession type, year of contact and more.

View current concessions map »

This application contains a complex map. Please contact Lori Green if you need assistance reading the map or need the information in an alternative format.

Find staff contact

To find the commercial-use staff contact info for each state park, state forest campground, harbor and boating access site, please use this interactive map.

screenshot of state parks concessions map in mobile and desktop views

Submitting appeals

Qualified bidders have 10 days from the date that the successful bidder is identified in which to submit an appeal. Before submitting an appeal, it's important to assess whether or not you, as the qualified bidder, has grounds for an appeal. An appeal may only be submitted by a qualifying bidder for any of the following criteria:

  • Information required by the DNR for scoring the bid was not specifically identified in the invitation to bid.
  • Different scoring values were used than those identified in the invitation to bid.
  • Errors in the application of the appropriate score value.
  • Errors in arithmetic.

If you wish to initiate an appeal, you must submit your written appeal to no later than 3 p.m. EST, 10 business days after posting the Notice of Recommendation for Award, or by 3 p.m. EST the next business day if that date falls on a state holiday or weekend. Reviews will be handled by the DNR's Procurement Services Section.