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Rules and regulations

handbook of Michigan ORV laws

ORV regulations handbook

A comprehensive handbook defining ORV laws and regulations, age requirements, safety information, vehicle operation, riding instructions and more.

ORV Handbook

Popular topics (information is included in handbook)

Two youth in ORV riding gear

Age requirements and safety certificate

Learn the age requirements for operating an ORV and who needs an ORV safety certificate.

An ORV trail sign on a post


View common ORV signs that you may encounter on trails or other riding areas, and learn what they mean.

Additional rules (not in handbook)

Group rides

Groups whose activities meet certain criteria need to fill out an event use permit application. Find out if your group ride/event requires a land use permit.

Modified ORVs

If a motorized vehicle is originally manufactured as an ORV it is prohibited from riding designated snowmobile trails (i.e. snowbikes).

Street-licensed ORVs

Learn when and where an ORV license/trail permit are required for street-license vehicles (i.e. truck or Jeep). 

Silver Lake ORV area

There are special rules and regulations for riding your ORV at Silver Lake ORV area. Learn the requirements before you go!

Argo use on state land

An Argo (a six-wheel or side-by-side) is regulated as an ORV and can ride most places ORVs can ride except for ORV trails.