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Rules and regulations

handbook of Michigan ORV laws

Handbook of ORV Laws

A comprehensive handbook defining ORV laws and regulations, safety information, vehicle operation, riding instructions and more.

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The items below are meant as a quick reference for some of the more commonly asked questions about ORV regulations. Please refer to the entire handbook for a complete list of all ORV laws and regulations. * >Be sure to check local and county ordinances prior to riding.

Motorized trail etiquette

Knowing the rules for mixed-use trails and interacting respectfully with other users helps ensure a fun and safe day out on Michigan's motorized trails.

Motorized events / group rides

When activities require a fee or donation and/or there are 20 or more participating, a wheeled motorized vehicle activity notification form is required.

Operator age restrictions

Restrictions are in effect for children under the age of 16. There also are specific obligations that fall upon the parents or legal guardians of ORV riders.

ORV certificate of title

Certificate of title is required when selling, purchasing or transferring ORV ownership.

ORV operation during November firearm deer season

ORV operation is prohibited in public hunting areas during the regular November firearm deer season from 7 to 11 a.m. and 2 to 5 p.m. (with a few exceptions).

ORV safety certificate

Operators under age 16 in Michigan must take an approved ORV education course

Purchase permit, learn requirements

Learn when and where you need an ORV license and/or permit.

Where to ride your ORV

General rules for riding ORVs on forest roads, frozen waters and more.

Street-licensed vehicles on ORV routes and trails

Do you know when you need a street license plate too?

Use of modified ORVs and snow bikes

If a motorized vehicle is originally manufactured as an ORV, it's considered an ORV (despite any modifications) and it is prohibited from riding designated snowmobile trails.