Nurse Aide Registry

  • The Bureau of Community and Health Systems has regulatory oversight of the Michigan Nurse Aide Registry.

    A nurse aide is defined as any individual providing nursing or nursing-related services to residents in a long term care facility who is not a licensed health professional, a registered dietitian, or a volunteer who provides such services without pay. A certified nurse aide (CNA) must complete a training program and pass a knowledge and a clinical skills test in order to be registered and work in long term care facilities in Michigan. The Bureau contracts with Prometric to administer the test and maintains the Michigan CNA Registry.

    For information on approved training programs in your county, see Regional Training Programs below.

Nurse Aide Registration Information

  • Nurse Aide Federal Rules & Regulations Part 483 PDF icon
  • Nurse Aide Federal Rules & Regulations Part 488 PDF icon
  • RENEWAL NOTICE: A certificate needs to be renewed prior to your expiration date listed on your current certificate. Prometric will send a renewal notice 45 days prior to your expiration date. (Please make sure your contact information is current or up to date.) If the renewal form is not submitted timely, or is incomplete, the certificate will lapse and the individual may not work as a CNA until the required paperwork has been received by Prometric and made active again. We encourage you to submit your renewal as soon as possible after receipt of renewal notice (but no earlier than 45 day prior to the certification expiration date).  Renewal notice must be received at the Prometric office prior to expiration date, early submission is important. Please do not submit renewal documents directly to the State of Michigan.

    For questions about renewals, testing, and scheduling of tests, contact Prometric or call 800-752-4724.

    OUT-OF-STATE APPLICANTS: In accordance with federal regulations, the State of Michigan requires all CNA applicants, including applicants that are currently trained and certified as CNA’s in other states, to complete a Michigan approved training course as well as verify that they are in good standing and pass the Michigan approved tests.

    EMPLOYERS: To verify whether an individual is a certified nurse aide in Michigan or for other information, call 800-748-0252 or visit the Prometric website. Verification of current certification via the Prometric web site is sufficient documentation during onsite inspections by the State of Michigan. Also, a nursing home must not use any individual as a nurse aide for more than 4 months, on a full-time basis, unless that individual is competent to provide nursing related services and has completed a Michigan specific training and competency evaluation program. Please see the Nurse Aide Federal Rules & Regulation noted above at 42 CFR 483.35 and 42 CFR 483.5.

    Nursing facilities must complete a performance review of every nurse aide at least once every 12 months, and must provide regular in-service education based on the outcome of these performance reviews. The in-service training must be sufficient to ensure the continuing competence of nurse aides, but must be no less than 12 hours per year. The in-service training requirements are listed in 42 CFR 483.95.

    For general information or questions, email or call 800-752-4724.

  • INITIAL CERTIFICATION: To become a CNA, candidates must first complete a Michigan approved training course. Next, a candidate must apply to Prometric for testing and eligibility.

    Upon successful completion of both tests, an applicant is issued a certificate by Prometric that allows them to work as a CNA for 2 years. A nurse aide can work in a facility on a full time basis for no more than four months if they are not on the registry, provided they are competent and have completed training or testing or they have been determined competent. 

    For certificate renewals, an individual must submit the renewal form, proof of employment as a CNA (for at least 8 hours in the last 24 months), and renewal fee to Prometric. If eligible, a new certificate will be issued for two years from the last date of verified employment. If it has been 24 months since your last date of verified employment, an individual’s name will be removed from the registry. In order to get back on the registry as a nurse aide, an individual will be required to re-test. If a nurse aide’s certificate has lapsed and it has been more than 24 months since they last worked, a nurse aide can re-test (competency evaluation program) and if successfully passed, their certificate will be renewed. If they fail to pass after three attempts, they will need to retrain and retest.

Nurse Aide Training and Testing Reimbursement

Contact Information

  • Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
    Bureau of Community & Health Systems
    Health Facility Professional and Nurse Aide Section
    P.O. Box 30664
    Lansing, MI 48909


    Nurse Aide Phone: 517-284-8961
    Bureau Phone: 517-335-1980

    Prometric Contact Information:
    Prometric Website
    Phone: 800-752-4724