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    It has been reported that some skilled nursing facilities are temporarily self-limiting or restricting access, including access by nurse aide training programs.  We understand this access is needed by training programs to complete clinical hours in the skilled nursing facility. 

    At this time, we are temporarily allowing nurse aide students to practice and demonstrate clinical tasks in health care settings outside of a skilled nursing facility when necessary. 

    If your training program is experiencing this temporary restriction, it is our recommendation that you first attempt to secure a contract with another skilled nursing facility. 

    If you are unable to secure a contract with another skilled nursing facility, you may attempt to secure a temporary contract in another adult health care setting. If the program has an agreement with an alternative health care setting, a temporary contract is required. A temporary contract may be secured through December 31, 2020. Once you have submitted the temporary contract to the state agency, you may proceed with clinical training in the alternative health care setting.  We hope this clarification is helpful.

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