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    The cost for integration of MAPS into existing electronic medical records (EMR) and pharmacy dispensation systems (PDS) has been extended until August 31, 2021. Providers who participate in this initiative will also receive NarxCare, which is a robust analytics and prevention tool. This step with MAPS helps prescribers and dispensers better assess patient risk and help prevent prescription drug and opioid abuse.  .  

    If you have already completed steps 1 through 3 below, please do not resubmit. The primary point of contact will be notified and provided an Addendum to the Terms and Conditions to be signed and returned.

    1. Complete the Integration Request Form. Please be sure to identify the primary contact person who will lead the project on your organization’s behalf.

    2. Review and sign the Terms & Conditions.

    3. Send the completed Integration Request Form and Terms & Conditions to MAPS at

    4. Once processed, the listed primary point of contact will be notified and the request information will be forwarded to Appriss Health, the MAPS software vendor. Appriss Health will contact the primary point of contact and/or your EMR/PDS vendor to complete the integration.


    Integration Request Form
    Terms & Conditions
    Registration Requirements
    Welcome Packet
    NarxCare Solution Sheet
    Meaningful Use - Specialized Registry
    Continued Funding Announcement

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MAPS Integration

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    The State of Michigan is covering the full cost of integration of MAPS into the clinical workflow of health systems, physician groups and pharmacies until August 31, 2020. Learn how to start the integration process.

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  • MAP Legislation Info

    If your question(s) pertain to the new opioid legislation, we encourage you to review the recently-released FAQs. Additional questions or concerns can be addressed by contacting MAPS.

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