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Boiler Permit Information

The Boiler Law
The purpose of the boiler law is to mandate safe construction, installation, repair, and inspection standards to insure public safety. Within the scope of this purpose individuals working on boilers must be licensed and must apply for a permit for the work to be accomplished.

What is the Boiler Code?
A boiler is the fired pressure vessel used to produce steam or hot water.  The boiler code regulates the use, construction, installation, and repair of boilers in all locations other than residential.  In addition, the boiler code regulates the design, installation and repair of piping associated with high pressure boilers. The boiler code consists of 2016 PA 407, the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes, and the National Board Inspection Code.

Are boiler permits required?
Before the installation, alteration, or repair of a boiler or its piping may proceed, an individual properly licensed for the work to be performed must apply for a permit from the State of Michigan, Permit Division. The permit application must be submitted in triplicate with detailed plans and specifications for review by the Boiler Division. The installation, alteration, or repair may not proceed prior to the issuance of a permit approved by the Boiler Division.

Do you need a license to work on boilers?
Installation and repairs of boiler and high pressure piping may be done only by those persons having a license from the Boiler Division to do so. Permits will not be issued to unlicensed persons. A license may be obtained by meeting the required educational and experiential criteria and successfully passing an examination given by the Boiler Division.

Questions regarding boiler permits should be directed to the Permit Division at 517-241-9313.

Boiler Permit Application
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