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Licensee and Applicant trainings

Training Videos

Provider Training Attestation

Resident Rights in AFC Homes

Required Resident Forms and Resident Records in AFC Group Homes

Introduction to Alzheimer’s Disease- Information & AFC Provider Responsibilities

Certification of Specialized Programs in AFC Facilities

Workforce Background Checks- Information & AFC Provider Responsibilities

Admission and Discharge Policies in AFC Group Homes

Calculating Evacuation Scores and ESCORES in AFC Facilities with a Special Certification

Direct Care Staffing Requirements, Qualifications, and Training in AFC Group Homes

AFC Tutorial Part One

AFC Tutorial Part Two

Written Program Statements in AFC Group Homes

Preparing for a Renewal Inspection

What to Expect During a Special Investigation

Environmental Health Conditions and Food Service in AFC Homes

Resident Medication Requirements in AFC Group Homes

Fire Safety Regulation in AFC Homes

Assistive Devices in AFC Group Homes


Example Resources