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MI Prevention Smoke Alarms

Michiganders - Did You Know?

MI Prevention has been installing smoke alarms and CO Detectors since 2018 across the State of Michigan.

Check out our Data Page to see the statistics of how many alarms are protecting Michiganders!

MI Prevention works with local fire departments to supply smoke alarms for installation, if you need a smoke alarm, we encourage you to contact your local fire department.

Frequently Asked Questions

firefighters posing with smoke alarms in front of fire truck

I called my fire department and they do not have alarms?


Please send an email to to inform us of your need and Fire Department.  Someone will contact you and find a solution for you.

Are Smoke Alarms/CO Detectors free?


Yes, however, the alarms need to be installed in your home and a home survey questionnaire will be done during the installation. Alarms cannot be handed out!

Fire fighters arriving at home and installing smoke alarms
firefighters displaying smoke and CO alarms

I have hard-wire smoke alarms in my home, do you replace those?


No, we do not. MI Prevention only supplies 10-year lithium battery smoke alarms and CO Detectors.

I have a family member who is disabled, do you have alarms specific to mobility issues?


YES, please call your local fire department to schedule a specific disability alarm. We have 4 specialized alarms for different disabilities available. 

If a fire department cannot help you, please email to get scheduled for a disability alarm.

new various smoke alarms in box
Fire Marshall and staff posing in front of truck

As a Fire Department, how do we start installing alarms for our community?


Please visit the Fire Department page.