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MI Prevention Fire Department and Organization Resources


On this page you will find Mi Prevention resources for Fire Departments and Organizations.

MI Prevention Fire Department App

Fire Departments, use this app to request alarms, enter your installations, report fatal fires, get access to your SMOKE account and much more….

MI Prevention Fire Department App

MI Prevention Toolkit

Need help getting the Community Risk Reduction word out in your community?  Utilize these templates towards your efforts when talking with the media, to inform parents, solicit partners, and your marketing efforts.

MI Prevention Toolkit

Behavioral Health

MI Prevention is committed to optimizing the health, wellness and resilience of first responders through training and access to peers, services and external support.

Check out available resources on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need immediate assistance, please call.
Need Help?
If you are experiencing any crisis— work related, substance abuse, depression, relationships, financial, or any other, reach out by calling:
Free, confidential and secure access


As we build our "Peer Network", please send Kymberly Pashkowsky your Peer group Website to be added to this section at

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Behavioral and Mental Health Course Catalog

The BFS Q course approved Behavioral and Mental Health course catalog.

North West Michigan Peer Network Logo

Find the Closest Peer Support Near Me

The mission of the Northwest Michigan Peer Network is to provide mental health resources and education for first responders


Alias Ann Ruch Burn Foundation - Be Safe Tool

Behavioral Evaluation and Safety Assessment for Fire Education (BeSafe) Tool


CRR Material Generator

Create fire safety materials that meet the needs of your community. You will be provided with the key messages, pictures, and design. All you have to do is answer a few questions.

Disability Network Logo

Disability Network

The Disability Network of Michigan has partnered with MI Prevention to provide fire safety and prevention resources for individuals with disabilities. 


National Fire Safety Council - Fire Safety Educational Materials

National Fire Safety Council creates and develops high quality fire safety educational materials and programs to assist you with your community education efforts.

NCOAA education

The National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association (NCOAA) is dedicated to preventing senseless CO injuries and deaths, while also focusing on improving the lives of people suffering from its debilitating effects through support, education, and advocacy.


Desk reference for the fire service and fire and life safety educators

NFPA Public Education

The Educational Messages Advisory Committee (EMAC) meets periodically to review NFPA's fire and burn safety education messages and to provide recommendations to NFPA public education staff for updating and revising the messages. 


Phoenix Society Resources

Articles and Media on the Phoenix Society website. 

Sound Off

These resources are designed for fire safety educators and classroom teachers who are participating in the Sound Off with the Home Fire Safety Patrol educational program.

Sparky School House Education

Youth fire safety education.

MI Prevention Logo

Training Information

Training materials and information for fire safety and prevention.

UL Close the Door Material Generator

Getting the word out on a public safety message isn't always easy. To help support your efforts, has created materials that are easy to use, informative, educational, and fun.

US Fire Administration

USFA - FEMA education

Help your fire department increase community awareness about preventing home fires through Fire is Everyone's Fight® and with these free fire safety and prevention outreach materials and educational programs.

Youth Firesetting Prevention

Information and Resources for Youth Firesetting Prevention.

Community Risk Reduction

Essentials Of CRR - Vision 20/20

Essentials of Community Risk Reduction is an, online, free course from The Vision 20/20 Project and IFSTA ResourceOne.


The Virtual Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Leadership Conference is the only conference geared specifically to the education and training needs of chief officers and other fire service managers seeking to create, execute and evaluate measurably successful CRR platforms and programs.

MI Prevention Operational Plan 2018-2020

Ensure sufficient and appropriate smoke and CO alarms are in 100% of dwellings in the state of Michigan.

MI Prevention Strategic Plan 2021-2023

MI Prevention strategic plan will provide direction towards Education, Outreach, Economics', and Measurables on the State of Michigan's Community Risk Reduction mission towards reducing fire deaths, injuries, and property loss.


The CRA is a comprehensive evaluation that identifies, prioritizes, and defines the risks that pertain to the overall community.

State Fire Marshal Releases Community Risk Reduction Plan

Reducing Michigan's high number of residential fire fatalities is the primary goal of a statewide Community Risk Reduction (CRR) plan announced today by State Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer.

V2020 Discovery Data Hub

Vision 20/20 is making a concerted effort to support your efforts to unlock the power of your data through this free tool.

American Red Cross

HFC Checklist - Flood Safety

A Checklist to help keep your family safe from floods

HFC Checklist - Home Fire Safety

A Checklist to help keep your family safe from fires

HFC Checklist - Tornado Safety

A Checklist to help keep your family safe from tornados

HFC Checklist - Winter Storm Safety

A Checklist to help keep your family safe from winter storms

American Red Cross

HFC - Home Fire Escape Plan

Tips for creating your home fire escape plan and practicing your 2-minute drill

HFC - STA Educator Checklist

A checklist to make sure your smoke alarms tested and functioning correctly

HFC - Virtual Home Fire Safety Visit Reporting Guidance (COVID-19)

This job tool outlines reporting requirements for the Home Fire Campaign (HFC) during the COVID-19 pandemic


Firewise USA

While wildfires will continue to happen, there are things you can do to protect your home and neighborhood as well as your family's safety.

Outthink Wildfire

An initiative aimed at eliminating the destruction of communities by wildfire by 2050.

Wildfire Action Policies

Information on wildfire action policies.