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Real Estate Appraiser Continuing Education

Continuing Education for Limited Real Estate Appraisers

In accordance with the Appraiser Qualifications Board Criteria, effective July 1, 2013 Limited Real Estate Appraisers are required to complete 14 hours of approved continuing education from the date of licensure.

The equivalent of 14 class hours of instruction in courses or seminars for each year during the period preceding the renewal is required. For example, a two-year continuing education cycle would require 28 hours of continuing education.  The class hour requirement can be fulfilled at any time during the cycle.

Continuing Education for Partial Years

In accordance with the Appraiser Qualifications Board Criteria, appraisers are required to complete continuing education for a partial year in a continuing education cycle as follows: 

  • For continuing education cycle periods of 185 days or more, 14 hours of continuing education is required.
  • For continuing education cycle periods of less than 185 days, no hours of continuing education are required.
  • Educational offerings taken by an individual in order to fulfill the class hour requirement for a different classification than his/her current classification may be simultaneously counted towards the continuing education requirement of his/her current classification.

All continuing education sponsors and courses must be pre-approved. If you are considering taking a course, you may wish to check the list of approved continuing education courses and sponsors on the List of Approved Real Estate Appraiser Courses, or check with the course sponsor to ensure that the courses are approved for continuing education credit by the department. Continuing education for a state licensed real estate appraiser or a certified residential appraiser shall focus primarily on residential real property appraisals. Continuing education for a certified general appraiser shall cover both residential and non-residential real property. Licensees should refer to Sec. 2627 of the Michigan Occupational Code and Real Estate Appraiser Administrative Rule 326 for specific continuing education requirements. In addition, the 7-hour National USPAP course must be completed every renewal period. Also, a 2-hour course on Michigan appraiser licensing law and rules must be completed every 2 years beginning with the 2011 renewal year. 

The department will not notify licensees before renewal about the current status of their continuing education credits.  Excess hours will not carry over to the next renewal cycle.